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Durham community clinic workers join growing list of legal aid OPSEU members

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The workers at yet another legal clinic have voted to join OPSEU. The paralegals and support staff at Durham Community Legal Clinic are now members of OPSEU.

“Congratulations to you all, and welcome to our great union,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “We know it wasn’t always an easy road – the employer tried every trick in the book to try to stop you. But with resolve and determination, you’ve prevailed. And OPSEU is now a stronger union because of it.”

The Durham clinic workers cast their votes on joining OPSEU in November 2019, but the employer launched a number of challenges in an attempt to stop their votes from being counted.

Finally, after more than six months, the employer dropped its challenges, the ballot box was opened, and the majority had voted yes to OPSEU.

The Durham workers follow a number of other Legal Aid and legal clinic workers from across the province who have joined OPSEU over the past year.

“So much has happened over the past few months that it’s easy for many to forget the devastating cuts that the Ford government has imposed on Legal Aid Ontario and the network of clinics it funds,” said OPSEU Region 3 Regional Vice-President Sara Labelle. “But OPSEU’s new members at the Durham Community Legal Clinic haven’t forgotten.”

“They know that the people they help are suffering dearly because of these cuts. And they know that the best way to fight back against the cuts is to join a strong union like OPSEU. We’re honoured they’ve joined us, and we’ll stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight for what’s right.”

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