Documents filed in Simcoe County District School Board Insurance Trust Wind Up

OPSEU is pleased to inform all current and former members of Local 330 who participated in the Insurance Trust between January 1, 1977 and September 30, 2006 that the following documents have been filed with the courts.

These documents support our request for an endorsement by the courts of the methodology developed to distribute OPSEU"s portion of the surplus from the Insurance Trust. 

OPSEU Factum

Notice of Motion

Draft Order

Affidavit of Anne Stevenson Schramm

Affidavit of Kim Macpherson 

Affidavit of Amanda Darrach

Affidavit of David Weir 

Once the courts have dealt with this matter we will be communicating the results, as well as the next steps. In the meantime if you should have any questions please email or call 1-800-268-7376 ext. 8779.