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Do you experience workplace surveillance? Know your rights

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OPSEU’s new workplace surveillance course is now available for regional educationals. Are there surveillance systems in your workplace? Are you wondering what your rights are as a worker? If so, this course is for you.

Workplace Surveillance: Know Your Rights is the newest addition to the OPSEU catalogue of courses.

Employers’ access to inexpensive and intrusive surveillance systems is on the rise. From video cameras to cellphone and computer spyware, social media tracking and telemetrics, the monitoring of workers is growing in sophistication. Today’s union activists need a good understanding of workers’ rights to be strategic and proactive in a technologically changing workplace.

This new course is an opportunity to share experiences, map your workplace surveillance systems, discuss case studies and gain insights into how surveillance will affect the future of work. You will return to your local with tools, tips, best practices, sample contract language and more.

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