Disability Rights Caucus Participates in the Disability Pride March on July 15, 2023

OPSEU Disability Rights banner

The 12th annual Disability Pride March took place on July 15, 2023.  It served as a platform for individuals with disabilities, their families, and advocates to come together and advocate for equal rights, accessibility, and inclusion.

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Disability Pride March started out of the Occupy Toronto in October 2011. It is an intentional form of activism striving to address the intersectional nature of disability. The objectives are to bring awareness of the struggles and values of people with disabilities as we fight against ableism.

The goals of the Disability Pride March are:

  • to be proud of being a disabled person and to raise awareness about their rights and needs by advocating for inclusive policies and legislation;
  • empower people by creating a supportive and space for individuals with disabilities to share their stories, express their concerns, and demand change;
  • unite disabled people by fostering a sense of community and solidarity; and
  • promote greater the visibility of individuals with disabilities within the community.

The March started at Queen’s Park and included several speeches from MPP from Toronto and Hamilton. As disabled advocates and change makers, we marched to the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). There was great spirit and camaraderie among attendees, regardless of their specific disabilities or conditions.  It was a way to celebrate and be proud of being a person with disability and to represent the OPSEU/SEFPO Disability Rights Caucus (DRC).

Attended, submitted by and representing the OPSEU/SEFPO Disability Rights Caucus – Gillian Axten and support dog Lazare 21.