Developmental Services Appreciation week: June 20-26, 2022


During this week we encourage all members in developmental services to use their social media platforms to tell Premier Ford to address the workforce crisis.

The pandemic was the tipping point that has lead to a developmental services worker shortage. Low wages, no pensions and the lack of full-time work have plagued the developmental services sector for years.  Now workers are leaving the field in droves, unable to cope with back-to-back shifts, delayed vacation, illness and burnout.

The government’s one time pay increase of $3.00 (provided only to workers providing direct care),  has come at a cost, permitting employers to use this raise to offset pay equity entitlements, giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Take Action

Tell the government to end the Crisis in Developmental Services:

  1. Update your profile picture on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  2. Like the Developmental Services Division page on Facebook
  3. Post a cover for Facebook /Twitter/Instagram
  4. Post sample tweets below or create your own post with sharable graphics provided.
  5. Use the hashtag #EndtheCrisis and share your great content.


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Shareable images:

Fund pay equity obligations banner

Create more full-time jobs banner

Get rid of a cap on wages (Bill 124)

Create a base wage rate of $25

Strike a provincial bargaining table

Tweet It!

  • End the cap on worker’s wages. Help #EndtheCrisis  in developmental services @fordnation and get rid of Bill124! #onlab
  • Less than half of DS workers have full-time jobs. Tell @fordnation to #EndtheCrisis and create full-time jobs. #onlab
  • More than 80% of DS workers are women, and are still waiting for #PayEquity.  Tell @fordnation to #EndtheCrisis  in developmental services and fund #PayEquity. #onlab
  • Many DS workers don’t make a living wage.  Tell @fordnation, it’s  time for a $25.00 base rate to #EndtheCrisis  in developmental services. #onlab
  • Tell @fordnation to strike a provincial bargaining table to ensure that DS workers have access to fairness wherever they work in Ontario, #EndtheCrisis. #onlab