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Cuts Hurt Us All News: Letter to Editor

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Chris Cormier
June 21, 2011
The Toronto Star
Letter to the editor

Tories" bullying signals new assault on workers, June 17

I’m disappointed the Harper government acted so quickly and recklessly to interfere in labour disputes at Air Canada and Canada Post. I agree with your columnist that there must be a lot of rejoicing around the corporate boardroom tables at these actions.

In a democratic society there is an obligation on governments to act in the interest of all its citizens. There is an equally important moral imperative to not favour one side over another in any labour dispute.

The Harper government ignored these precedents and used their majority muscle on behalf of corporate interests at the expense of workers. This is a dangerous trend not just for labour relations but for the individual or collective rights of all Canadians.

Chris Cormier, OPSEU Executive Board Member Region 4, Stirling