Coverage of OPSEU LCBO members’ Keep it Public events

Take care. LCBO: Keep it Public

Newspapers and TV and radio stations across the province are covering the “Keep It Public” information pickets being held by OPSEU members working at the LCBO.

“The whole notion of this is to try to keep the LCBO public,” OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is quoted as saying by the Toronto television station CP24.

“We are still worried about Doug Ford either selling it or chopping it up and just giving it away jn pieces. The expansion of beer and wine in grocery stores is a concern as well,” said Thomas. “I must say we have been going around in different parts of the province and we have been very well received. The people who use the LCBO like it.”

The Timmins Daily Press writes that: “The Keep It Public campaign has been launched by OPSEU in a bid to discourage the Doug Ford Progressive Conservatives from the idea of having more beer and wine sales outlets set up in private grocery stores, corner stores and even large department stores.”

Bayshore Broadcasting reports that Grey-Bruce Labour Council (GBLC) Vice-President Dave Trumble applauds OPSEU members for ”leading the charge.”

Trumble says that 75% of people in Ontario support the LCBO remaining public. 

To easily send an email to your MPP urging them to keep the LCBO public, visit


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