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Court Reporters July 13 2010 Update: Vice-Chair denies employer request to dismiss

In a decision dated June 30, 2010, Vice-Chair Abramsky dismissed the employer’s motion to dismiss all remedies related to the Hunt grievance.

The employer wanted the decision dismissed because they said the union did not comply with a previous Board order to supply particulars. In contrast, in her ruling, Vice-Chair

Abramsky said, “…the union made substantial efforts to comply” with her order.

Those substantial efforts were your efforts. Given the enormity of information you were asked to gather, it is astonishing that it could be pulled together so quickly.

Moving forward, we have been given six (6) months for the final submission of the information you supplied regarding the hours spent producing and certifying transcripts. During that six-month period, you need to gather as much information as possible to prove that you are owed compensation. Examples of documents that we need would be your calendars, transcript orders, and times from the tape machines/computers for verification. The final deadline for submission of all Court Reporter information is December 30, 2010.

On July 22nd, we will begin to present evidence for individual members. We will, of course, begin with those who have provided full details as outlined above.

You should submit your information directly to Marg Simmons, Inclusion Officer at msimmons@opseu.org or by fax to 416-443-8618.

We will continue to update you as any new information becomes available.

Click here to read Vice-Chair Abramsky’s award.