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Corrections workers are everyday, unsung heroes

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We pay tribute to the incredible job that workers in Ontario’s corrections system perform day in and day out, 365 days a year.

May 6-12 is Ontario’s Correctional Services Staff Recognition Week, first proclaimed by the provincial government in 2016.  This week is also recognized as Probation Officers week, celebrating the work Probation and Parole officers do.

The women and men who work in Ontario’s correction system have incredibly difficult and challenging work, often they’re in situations where their lives are at risk.

They often do their work out of the public eye so Ontarians don’t easily see the stressful and dangerous conditions corrections workers contend with.

We have both worked in institutional settings and we know what they’re up against.

Whether it’s inside Correctional Facilities or in the community in jobs like Probation and Parole, corrections workers are committed to keeping our communities safe and they do an amazing job.

There has been a Crisis in Corrections for years and we want to take this opportunity to renew our call for government to take the steps that are needed to fix the problem.

The Corrections system needs more staff, training must be improved, and aging infrastructure must be addressed. That’s just for starters.

These problems can’t continue to be swept under the carpet because corrections workers deserve better.

President Warren (Smokey) Thomas
First Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida