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Corrections Division LockTalk, May 14, 2009

Local presidents to meet in Ottawa

Local presidents will come to Ottawa on May 21 to discuss the ongoing labour relations problems in the Corrections Division.

The meeting begins at 9 a.m. at the OPSEU Ottawa Resource Centre at 1793B Kilborn Ave. The purpose of the meeting is to bring local presidents up to date on what has been happening across the division with respect to CTO and other issues, reports from the MERCs and legal counsel, as well as a strategy session on next steps.

For more information, please contact your respective Corrections or Children and Youth Services MERC Teams.

CT-NO? Or CT-Depends?

Since the Ministry decided to unilaterally back out of long-standing mutual agreement in the OPS contract, CTO has become “CT-NO” for Corrections Division members.

However, rumour has it that managers in our adult and youth facilities are still able to earn and use compensating time off for working overtime.

Next time you see a manager, ask if he or she can still earn CTO. If yes, we’re sure the Minister will have a good reason for the elitist inequity.

Ontario Public Service Employees Union, 100 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 3P8

Original authorized for distribution by Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president and Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida, MCSCS MERC Chair.

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