Corrections bargaining team elected


With the current collective agreement set to expire on Dec. 31, 2024, the Correctional Bargaining Unit has elected a 13-member bargaining team to begin work on negotiating the next collective agreement.

Janet Laverty was re-elected as the Bargaining Team Chair, and Adam Cygler was re-elected as the Vice-Chair.

“Now is the time for all Correctional Bargaining Unit members to get involved,” said Bargaining Team Chair Janet Laverty. “We want to send a clear message to the Employer in this round of bargaining, and to do that we need a strong mandate from our members. The demand set survey will be coming out in the next few weeks and I want encourage everyone to fill it out and have their say in the bargaining demands.”

“This newly-elected bargaining team will represent our members well as we head into contract negotiations in the fall,” said Bargaining Team Vice-Chair Adam Cygler. “We will continue to bargain for wages and benefits that reflect the unique needs of correctional workplaces.”

Congratulations to everyone who stepped up, participated and who stood for election!

2025 Bargaining Team

  • Chair, Janet Laverty, Correctional Officer, Local 108
  • Vice-chair,  Adam Cygler, COR IHC, Local 229
  • Todd Snider, Correctional Officer, Local 119
  • Josh Miller, Correctional Officer, Local 678
  • Chad Oldfield, Correctional Officer, Local 234
  • Michael Fallon, Youth Services Officer, Local 220
  • Johanna Sinclair, Probation Officer, Local 314
  • Denise Sidsworth, Parole Officer, Local 271
  • Scott McIntyre, Probation and Parole Officer, Local 633
  • Bruce Heaney, COR Admin/Office Admin/Technical/Operational/Maintenance, Local 528
  • Michelle Canning, COR Muti other category, Local 368
  • Christopher Heath, Fixed term, Local 108
  • Zachary Fildey, Member at Large, Local 234

Alternate Team Members

Corrections Officer (CO) Alternates

  • 1st Alternate, Leo Nelson, Local 5112
  • 2nd Alternate, Joel Bissonnette, Local 128
  • 3rd Alternate, Ryan Gilchrist, Local 369
  • 4th Alternate, Joely Price, Local 369
  • 5th Alternate, Peter Figliola, Local 234
  • 6th Alternate, Jason Mushynski, Local 582
  • 7th Alternate, Leanne White, Local 368
  • 8th Alternate, Anna Barnes, Local 229
  • 9th Alternate, Robert Coffin, Local 252
  • 10th Alternate, Charles Coutu, Local 5112
  • 11th Alternate, Ken Steinbrunner, Local 642

Youth Services Officer (YSO) Alternate

  • 1st Alternate, Roger Lebel, Local 708

Probation and Parole Officer (PPO) Alternates

  • 1st Alternate, Lisa Reitano, Local 424
  • 2nd Alternate, Doreen Bellaire, Local 633
  • 3rd Alternate, Matthew Turner, Local 703

Probation Officer (PO) Alternate

  • 1st Alternate, Terri Dimini, Local 714

Probation and Parole Officer or Probation Officer (PPO or PO) Alternates

  • 1st Alternate, Todd Parish, Local 115
  • 2nd Alternate, Patricia Giroux, Local 627
  • 3rd Alternate, Zachary Alderton, Local 728

COR – Institutional and Health Care (COR IHC) Alternates

  • 1st Alternate, Casey Stewart, Local 5112
  • 2nd Alternate, Amber-Lynn Ward-Mahoney, Local 411
  • 3rd Alternate, Candon Jackson, Local 369

COR – Administrative/Office Administration/Technical/Operational & Maintenance Representative Alternates

  • 1st Alternate, Sara Hay, Local 440
  • 2nd Alternate, Malissa Irvine, Local 701
  • 3rd Alternate, Carrie Fitzpatrick, Local 368

COR Multi-Other Category Alternate

  • 1st Alternate, Erika Winkworth, Local 234

COR – Fixed Term Alternate

  • 1st Alternate, Zachary Zadow, Local 369
  • 2nd Alternate, Graeme Fielding, Local 582

Member at Large Alternate

  • 1st Alternate, Lisa Reitano, Local 424
  • 2nd Alternate, Terri Dimini, Local 714
  • 3rd Alternate, Kathryn Demers, Local 308