OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

Correcting the record: Fact-checking the employer’s message about the arbitration award

My Boss said what?? Fact sheet flyer.

The following message was sent to all members in the Liquor Board Employees Divisions from Denise Davis, LBED Chair:

Many members may be confused after receiving the employer’s message Monday about the arbitration award in the LCBO human rights case.

To help make sure members aren’t misled by the employer’s “alternative facts”, we’ve launched a new set of “My Boss Said What??” fact sheets to set the record straight.

Read and download the first five fact sheets:


Read an accessible and mobile-friendly version of these fact sheets here.

Have you heard something else from your manager you think we need to correct? Send an email to us at: LBEDbargaining@opseu.org and we’ll put it in our next set of fact sheets.

As we get into bargaining, you can expect to receive more communications from the employer that try to bend the facts to fit the story they want to tell. As we’ve said in previous rounds of bargaining, don’t believe everything you hear from the employer.

We’ve told the employer about our concerns with what they’re saying. If they continue to claim that the ruling gives them new authority that the arbitrator didn’t specifically state, we’ll go back to the arbitrator to have him clear things up for them.

Remember, it’s in the employer’s interest to stir up confusion and to try to divide members against each other. They know, as we know, that we’re strongest when we’re united. So don’t let them divide us.

In solidarity,

Denise Davis
Chair, Liquor Board Employees Division

** If you have any questions about the arbitration award, or about anything that you’re hearing from the employer around this matter, please contact OPSEU Supervisor Steve Nield at snield@opseu.org, or call our hotline for LCBO members at 1-866-811-7274.