Conservative MPPs shrug off forest firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing smoke and toxins; strike down life-saving amendment


WATCH: Conservative MPPs callously strike down amendments to include forest firefighters in existing firefighters’ cancer legislation. Forest firefighters put life and limb on the line to keep us and our communities safe but they’re not even recognized as firefighters. This excludes them from workplace compensation for illnesses they’re more prone to, because of the high risks of their jobs. The government could address this issue with a stroke of their pen. But they’re dragging their feet. Shame on this government!

Watch the video here:

Local 703 VP, Noah Freedman spoke to CBC about this issue and the lack of training provided to forest fire workers to prepare them for the risks they take on the frontlines. All workers deserve to be informed and protected from the long-term effects of the work they do.

You can read the article and hear Noah’s interview here.