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Conservative MPP pledges to stop privatization

We Own it campaign supporters hold a "Public = Better" banner with Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls

A group of people involved with the We Own It campaign, including OPSEU Region 1 Executive Board Member Laurie Nancekivell and OPSEU member mobilizer Jordan McGrail, convinced Chatham MPP Rick Nicholls to sign a pledge against privatization.

Part of the We Own It campaign, the pledge that Nicholls signed reads: "I pledge to support and protect
quality public services by opposing plans to privatize any public service or asset, and by actively working to in-source services and assets currently contracted out or privatized."

During the meeting, McGrail presented Nicholls with signed pledges from more than 300 of his constituents.

Chatham radio station CKXS covered Nicholls's pledge.