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Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship recipients!

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OPSEU/SEFPO offers up to 30 scholarships each year to dependents of members in good standing, and/or OPSEU/SEFPO members, for a grand total of up to $28,750. This year we received more than 150 applications. Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients!

For more information about our scholarships please visit https://opseu.org/scholarships/

Karen Millar Memorial Scholarship

Danielle Schembri, dependent of Melanie Howard from Local 133, is the recipient of this $1000 scholarship for a member enrolled in a social services program. Danielle is taking Social Justice and Peace Studies at Western University. This scholarship honours Karen Millar, Local 448.  Karen was a valued and respected Residential Counsellor at a Kemptville group home operated by Pathways to Independence and was the victim of a homicide in her workplace.

Fred Upshaw Scholarship

Favour Aina, dependent of Adekunle Aina from Local 554, is the recipient of this $1000 scholarship for dependents of racialized members who are pursuing studies in labour relations and/or social justice and human rights. Favour is doing her Masters of Social Work at the University of Toronto. This scholarship was created in honour of Fred Upshaw, OPSEU/SEFPO’s President from 1990-1995 and the first Black President of a major Canadian union.

Larry Cripps Scholarship

Aidan St. Germain, dependent of Rosalynn St. Germain from Local 4106, is the recipient of this scholarship of $1000 for a member enrolled in a Police Foundations Course or a Law and Security/Corrections course. Aidan is studying for an Honours Bachelor degree in Criminology.  This scholarship honours Larry Cripps, a Correctional Officer and long-time union activist.

Curt Bishop Scholarship

Jack Tuckett, dependent of Jeff Tuckett from Local 601, is the recipient of this $1000 scholarship. Jack is studying Life Sciences at Queens University. This scholarship honours Curt Bishop who was a long-time union health and safety activist. It is offered to a student who is involved in their community, union, or volunteer work.

Amy Stiles Scholarship

Amanda Cao, dependent of Jing Yuan from Local 421, is the recipient of this $1000 Scholarship. Amanda is studying General Computing at Queens University. This scholarship is in honour of Amy Stiles, her legacy as a union activist, and the work that she did on behalf of her local, her division, and her union. Amy was a nursing faculty member at Conestoga. In 2017, while returning home from a rally at Queen’s Park in support of striking college faculty, Amy was tragically killed in a car accident. This scholarship is open to dependents of contract faculty at public Ontario colleges.

Carol McGregor Scholarship

Janice Qiu, dependent of Lihua (Ellen) Huang from Local 5113, is the recipient of this $1500 scholarship. Janice is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science at York University. This scholarship honours Carol McGregor, a longtime union activist on disability rights issues.

Continuing Education Scholarships

These scholarships were established by the Provincial Young Workers Committee and is for members who are continuing their education. There are six recipients this year of $1000 each:

  • Tara Lang, Local 112, Lakehead University, Bachelor of Education
  • Jessica Muir, Local 290, University of Guelph, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • Amina Joseph, Local 329, York University, Masters of Science in Nursing
  • Carley Lavery, Local 474, Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at Nipissing University
  • Elizabeth Harding, Local 520, The University of Toronto, Masters of Information, concentration in Library and Information Sciences
  • Sarah Lyons, Local 725, University of Guelph, Master of Planning

Global Solidarity Scholarships

OPSEU/SEFPO offers up to ten scholarships annually of $1,000 each with a focus on social justice and global solidarity for the working class. There are 10 recipients this year:

  • Emma Gelinas, Western University, Bachelor of Health Sciences, dependent of Jason Gelinas, Local 642
  • Ellie Laryea University of Toronto, English, Sociology, Education & Society, dependent of Annette Carla Bouzi, Local 415
  • Camila Mejia-Tascon, University of Toronto, Physician Assistant program, dependent of Fredy Mejia, Local 563
  • Alex Duggan; University of British Columbia, Kinesiology, dependent of Tricia Anderson, Local 417
  • Isabella Ziegler, University of Western Ontario, Commercial Aviation Management, dependent of Robert Ziegler, Local 106
  • Katy Fairbairn, Queens University, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, dependent of Jennifer Fairbairn, Local 383
  • Grace Tawil, Brock University, Mathematics, dependent of Chris Tawil, Local 297
  • Josh Malone, Queens University, BASC Mechanical Engineering, dependent of JoAnn Ralph, Local 4104
  • Laura Brady, University of Toronto, Doctor of Pharmacy, dependent of Nathalie Gregoire, Local 464
  • Skylar Anne Kathrine Wilson, Trent University, Honours Bachelor of Science, dependent of Sean Wilson, Local 496