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Community Living Greater Sudbury Ignores Ministry Directive

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Community Living Greater Sudbury (CLGS), a local social service agency that supports individuals with developmental disabilities, is refusing to uphold a provincial commitment to raise wage standards for developmental services workers.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services allotted $180 million to be distributed to developmental service agencies across Ontario. The goal is to stabilize the workforce by increasing low wages and reducing part-time, casual and unstable precarious work.

CLGS management is trying to short change developmental services workers insisting that previously bargained wages and pay equity payments would be deducted from these new provincial funds

Community Living Greater Sudbury currently owes four years of pay equity funding to its employees under the Pay Equity Act, 1987. Executive Director Leighton T. Roslyn is blatantly ignoring the Ministry’s direction which explicitly states that current wage enhancement funds do not replace pay equity commitments or previously bargained wage increases.

The employees of CLGS have been faced with many challenges over the years. Pay increases are not always given in a timely manner and more than 75 per cent of the staff have no medical benefits.  Many have been forced to work double shifts and pay equity has not been paid out in four years. Employees have also not received the wage enhancement funding that most other local agencies began paying out to their employees on April 1, 2015.   

"The staff morale at CLGS is very low. Many feel defeated, unappreciated and disrespected. In the end it is our clients with developmental disabilities that suffer. We employees can find other jobs. But unfortunately residents can't pick up and leave. A social service agency should value both the residents and those who provide their care,” says June St. Germain, OPSEU Local 676 president.

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