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Community Living Greater Sudbury Bargaining Bulletin: Meeting with the Mediator

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We are pleased to announce that we have a meeting with the Employer and a Mediator scheduled for April 2, 2013. Your Bargaining Team is committed to negotiating with the Employer for as long as it takes to bring you a reasonable offer. 

In the meanwhile, the Conciliator has acknowledged receiving our request for a "NO BOARD REPORT". A legal strike or lockout can happen 17 days from the date the no-board report is issued. We will let you know once that issue date is set.

 We have not received a response from the Employer regarding the most recent proposal, however your Bargaining Team will continue to review whatever proposal the Employer sends us. If we receive an improved proposal from the employer that warrants a presentation, a vote will take place as soon possible.

Mobilizing meetings

Throughout the weekend and through next week, your Executive and OPSEU will be meeting regarding upcoming strike preparation meetings and general membership mobilization meetings. Please stay tuned for an  announcement of when these will occur.

Media campaign

Listen to Rewind 103.9, KICX 93.7 and Q92 to hear our new radio ads! They will be on rotation throughout the day. In a couple of weeks we will also be stepping up our campaign with ads on the backs of buses.

Ignore the rumour mill

With anxiety and stress running at an all-time high, the rumour mill is also running full force. Rumours are like an invisible enemy, playing with everyone"s emotions. We recommend that you not participate in the rumour mill. If you don"t read or hear something from your LEC or your Bargaining Team, it is likely not true. Be sure to get the facts from a trusted member.

Stay strong!

We ask that you stay strong and united. Your Bargaining Team members have had to deal with many challenges and they continue to be focused on getting you the best deal possible.

Should you require more clarification about the process, please contact a member of the Bargaining Team