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Community calling for public ServiceOntario

ServiceOntario Closed. Valley East deserves full services: make our ServiceOntario public!

A We Own It petition and campaign calling for a public ServiceOntario in Valley East, north of Sudbury, has received attention at Queen's Park, reports The Sudbury Star.

A privately managed ServiceOntario in the community closed abruptly in January.

"The people of Valley East are not taking this sitting down. They want ServiceOntario to reopen and they want it to be public not private," said the area's MPP, France Gélinas, said at Queen's Park.

"They are writing to my office and signing petitions demanding that this government open a public ServiceOntario Centre to replace the privately managed one that closed," said Gélinas.

"The people of Valley East know that Public services should be provided by the government, not a private company focused on the bottom line."