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College Support Part-time Workers Bargaining Bulletin: Support your bargaining team

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Support your bargaining team

Your bargaining team is hard at work as we continue to prepare for negotiations. Our first day at the table will be May 23, and we have 23 days of bargaining booked from now until the middle of October.

Many of you may be leaving the college for the summer and returning in the fall. We want to keep you up to date on what is happening during negotiations. If you have not done so already, please be sure to share your personal, secure email address so that we can keep you posted as to what is happening and how this impacts your life.

Click on this link to share your email address now.

But wait, there's more you can do! You can help with events, communications, mobilizing and more. Send an email now to volunteer your skills, time and solidarity. Email collegeptbarg@opseu.org and say yes, I want to be part of the bargaining support team!

OPSEU Convention celebrates College Support Part-time workers

Representatives from Ontario's 24 colleges took to the stage at Convention to receive the Leah Casselman Mobilizing to win award for their work in organizing some 20,000 College Support Part-time workers. Metro Toronto Convention Centre was packed with close to 2000 Convention attendees, who rose in a standing ovation to applaud this extraordinary win for part-time workers, the labour movement and Ontario's education system.

A caucus meeting brought College Support workers together on Friday evening, where local presidents and other Convention delegates celebrated, discussed and had their questions answered.

College Support locals include part-time workers

One key question local leaders are getting is: Who represents college support part-time workers? The answer is that part-time workers are now members of the existing college support full-time OPSEU locals. Reach out to them as they want to hear from you and help you. You can find your OPSEU Local Union on campus as they are also Support workers.

College Support Part-time workers are students too

All the best to student support staff workers during exam time! We know you will all be working extra hard over the next weeks. Know that you have the full support of your co-workers, both full-time and part-time. Peer Tutors are members of our union and they are there to assist you during these times, so reach out to them.

Some of you may also be graduating in the next few weeks. Congratulations! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope that perhaps someday when you return to work at a College in Ontario, all staff will be treated fairly and equitably.

Welcome to all of our new student worker union members!

Are you a student worker beginning a new job at your college? Welcome to OPSEU! Your union is proud to represent your interests at work. For more information about your union, please visit our website, and follow OPSEU on social media. See the links below.

Your bargaining team

Ted Claeys, Local 124 at Lambton College, Chair
Duncan McFarlane, Local 416 at Algonquin College, Vice-chair
Jennifer Ayotte, Local 656 at Cambrian College
Christopher Millado, Local 557 at George Brown College
Connie Collins, Local 137 at St. Clair College
Janice Hagan, Local 561 at Seneca College, College Support Sector Chair

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