College Support Part Time bargaining team members and update

College Support part-time

Dear Members,

We’re excited to share some important updates regarding our preparations for the upcoming bargaining process.

Training & Development

From August 8th to 11th, our Bargaining Team and Alternates underwent a groundbreaking new training program entitled “Organizing For Power: Dismantling Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous, and All Forms of Racism.”

This training, a first of its kind for OPSEU/SEFPO, covered a range of issues. We delved deep into engaging with members, rethinking the bargaining table, organizing, and dismantling systemic racism.

This training will enable us to challenge the employer more effectively, ensuring our Collective Agreement truly reflects our union’s commitment to giving every member’s voice an equal say in our workplaces.

This is all in preparation for the renewal of our collective agreement, which is set to expire on January 31, 2024. We believe that equipping ourselves with this knowledge will enable us to represent you better and ensure an inclusive and empowering negotiation process.

Get Involved

We urge you to actively participate in your upcoming Local Demand Set meeting. This is a crucial opportunity for you to discuss and voice your concerns at the college level. Your attendance at this meeting ensures your college’s needs and issues are brought forward to the Final Demand Set Meeting, which in turn will be brought to the bargaining table.

The Final Demand Set meeting will take place on October 21 and 22, 2023. During this meeting, delegates from all colleges will come together to vote on the priorities and demands that were voted on at Local Demand Set, to be presented to our employer, College Employer Council (CEC). If your college does not have representation at the Final Demand Set meeting, you may be elected to attend.

Your involvement in this process is critical to ensure that the demands we present at the bargaining table truly reflect the priorities and needs of all 24 colleges throughout Ontario.

Stay Updated

Please keep an eye on your personal email for regular updates, especially as we approach the bargaining period.

We will also be sending out mini-surveys to gather insights. These surveys are pivotal in helping us understand the diverse demographics and unique needs of our members. Your feedback will be invaluable in shaping our negotiation strategy.

Your 2021 and 2024 Bargaining Teams

  • Duncan McFarlane, Algonquin College — 2021 and Chair 2024
  • Doreen Follett, Algonquin College — 2021 and Vice Chair 2024
  • Noor Askandar, George Brown College — Chair 2021 and 2024
  • Torsten Hamelin, George Brown College — 2021 and 2024
  • Fatima Yusuf, Humber College — 2021 and 2024
  • Aliza Kassam, George Brown College — 2024
  • Patricia Cooper, Humber College — 2024
  • Dale Gartshore, Lambton College — 2021
  • David Hubbell, Lambton College — 2021


  • Natalie Williams, Sheridan College — 2021 and 2024
  • Sara McArthur, Mohawk College — 2024
  • Shelly Madden, George Brown College — 2021 and 2024
  • Antonette Pettit, Seneca College — 2024
  • Stacey Kovios, Georgian College — 2024
  • Kumar Gaurav, Lambton College — 2021
  • Paula Naylor, Sault College — 2024
  • Sagie Naidu, Sheridan College — 2021
  • Alkira-Mae Descoteaux, Algonquin College — 2024
  • Laszlo Szabo, Algonquin College — 2024
  • Gillian Lingard, Fleming College — 2024
  • Melanie Ragbir-Emery, Sheridan College — 2024

Thank you for your continued support and solidarity!

Your CAAT-S Part Time Bargaining team.