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College Support Part-time Bargaining Priorities: You spoke, we listened

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Bargaining Priorities: You spoke, we listened

You spoke, your bargaining team listened. Back in March when you completed your demand surveys, we established the following top nine priorities for bargaining. We are now negotiating these demands for you.

  1. A fair wage increase and equal pay for equal work
  2. Job competition provisions that include the ability to be considered for other vacant part time positions and full time positions within our college and that seniority be a factor of consideration used by the College
  3. Leave provisions including bereavement leaves, compassionate and religious leaves, critical illness leaves, caregiver leaves, child disappearance leaves, and domestic/sexual violence leaves
  4. Paid time off when we are sick
  5. Paid benefits including dental coverage, prescription drug coverage and coverage for prescription eye wear
  6. That employees can take, for a fee of $20.00 plus materials, all courses currently offered by the Employer
  7. A complaints process and representation by the Union where needed
  8. Fair scheduling provisions including consistency of shifts and advance notification of changes
  9. Paid Statutory holidays, the Holiday Break shut down with pay and vacation pay starting at three weeks per year.

It’s time for change at Ontario Colleges

The Ontario College system has prioritized “operational flexibility” for the past 50 years. Now it’s time to prioritize workers. When the priority is flexibility, it’s bad for students, bad for workers, and bad for the education system.

We have an excellent model document to work with – the College Support full-time collective agreement – and that’s what we’re using. The Employer agreed to these terms for the full-time workers, now it’s time for them to agree to the same for the part-time workers.

We remain determined to reach a fair collective agreement, and we’ll get it with your support, as long as we have cooperation and good will from the Employer.

Get informed on the issues, talk to your co-workers, and take part in our upcoming bargaining support actions. Support your bargaining team!

The College Employer Goals: ** Read between the lines **

They say: Maintaining local operational flexibility and productivity in support of academic delivery, service delivery and student satisfaction and success;

We say: The Ontario College system has prioritized “operational flexibility” for the past 50 years. Now it’s time to prioritize workers.

They say: Demonstrating cooperation and problem solving through open and respectful communication with the employees’ bargaining agent;

We say: Good communications include honesty and transparency as well as respect. We shouldn’t have to read between the lines. Our bargaining team also shouldn’t have to wait months for the Colleges to provide us with information that is critical to making informed decisions during negotiation. It shouldn’t take MONTHS to figure out the number of employees at the Colleges. Something is wrong with the system if you don’t even know who your employees are.

They say: Ensuring any agreement recognizes the diversity of part-time employment relationships that have been developed in the Colleges;

We say: Part-time employment relationships are strong when they are uniform and regulated by a single, fair system that is applied equally at all colleges. Just because you have been able to do things a certain way for 50 years, doesn’t make it right. Maintaining a system that keeps employment relationships in a single department is no longer acceptable. We want to be part of the entire College.

They say: Recognizing the unique needs of the Part-Time Support Staff employees in a separate collective agreement;

We say: Part-time support staff needs are not substantially different from those of the full-time support staff. We too deserve fair pay and benefits and workplace protections. We want a fair wage system, a fair benefit system, a fair system for applying for jobs, a fair system for recognizing seniority and job security. None of this is possible when it is recreated 24 different ways at each college. You don’t want us to be unique, you want to keep things the same way for part time workers.

They say: Ensuring that students continue to have access to numerous part-time work opportunities to provide experience and income during their time at college.

We say: Numerous opportunities are good, but only if they include fair provisions for the work we do and provide for real work experience. That’s why we came to the Colleges.