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College Support Part-time Bargaining Bulletin #8: A job evaluation system = fairness and equity for part-time workers

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A job evaluation system = fairness and equity for part-time workers

You play a vital role in student learning and making sure the employer recognizes the skills you bring to the job is a top priority for your first contract.

“Our members work hard to support student learning,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “The colleges have hung these workers out to dry for long enough.”

”It’s time to recognize all of the skills they bring to the workplace, and properly compensate them.”

Your pay should be based on the work done, the responsibilities taken on, training and qualifications. Your bargaining team and OPSEU’s leadership know you deserve a proper joint job evaluation system that recognizes the full scope of the work you do.

A joint job evaluation system is good for workers. It`s also hugely beneficial for the colleges. A systematic process for assessing and ranking jobs is important to ensure fairness for staff.

College Support Sector Chair Janice Hagan says “Part-time support staff need a joint job evaluation system just like the full-time staff have. They need a system that breaks down the tasks, and ensures people are paid according to their qualifications.” 

Thomas points out that the union and management have already agreed to the system used to evaluate the College Support Full-Time staff.

“Let’s get this language into our College Support Part-Time collective agreement, and start making the workplace better for everyone,” Thomas said.

A part-time data entry clerk tells their story

Last year, my manager informed me I would get a pay increase from 16 to about 24 dollars an hour, like the full-time support staff. This would have made life a lot more livable. However, the college has now decided there is no full-time version of my position, so I will continue to be paid 16 dollars an hour.

I would like to know why I’m doing the same work as other full-time support staff in my department, but I’m not considered to be doing the same job. They didn’t even try to evaluate my experience or compare my duties to those of other similar jobs, even though the college already has a joint job evaluation system in place.

I am also working under huge stress because I get only half the hours and am expected to do the same work. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is.

Please send us your stories

Each and every one of your stories about being College Support Part-Time staff helps us build strong arguments we can use during bargaining.

We read every story you send. Your experiences are important to us, and they are a huge assistance during contract negotiations. Please email us at

Back to the table in August

Your team is back at the table on Aug. 23 and Aug. 24. Thanks for all of your support as we prepare for these upcoming dates. We hope you’re having a great summer!

Your bargaining team,

Ted Claeys, Local 124 at Lambton College, Chair
Duncan McFarlane, Local 416 at Algonquin College, Vice-chair
Jennifer Ayotte, Local 656 at Cambrian College
Christopher Millado, Local 557 at George Brown College
Connie Collins, Local 137 at St. Clair College
Janice Hagan, Local 561 at Seneca College, College Support Sector Chair

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Approved for distribution by Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.