College Support members keep mobilizing for bargaining!

College Support Full-Time members are showing up across the province to events organized by their elected mobilizers to support their bargaining team! Our contract expires on August 31, and our bargaining team is at the table right now, from August 22 to September 2.

As bargaining continues, members are getting together for all sorts of events both on and off-campus, including in-person and virtual union meetings, meet and greets, drop-ins, local and regional barbecues, coffee and lunch breaks, food and ice cream trucks, boat cruises, picnics, wing nights, movie nights, and summer socials.

Special thanks to local executive committees for promoting these events, and every member who participates – your support shows the employer that you stand behind your demands!

How you can support the College Support Full-Time bargaining team:

  • Register or update your contact info on the Member Portal so you can get bargaining updates!
  • Keep coming out to mobilizing events! Keep an eye on your email for an event near you.
  • Wear your bargaining buttons or pin them on your workstations – contact your local president or regional mobilizer if you don’t have one.
  • Participate in upcoming Blue for Bargaining Twitterstorms and post pics on social media with the hashtag #Support4Success.

Lots of College Support members who have come to mobilizing events have received special edition bargaining T-shirts as supplies have permitted. Come to a mobilizing event and get yours while supplies last!