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College faculty strike vote set for September 14

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Media outlets reported last week on the upcoming strike vote at Ontario colleges.

OPSEU sets Sept. 14 strike vote for Ontario college teachers, instructors

College teachers and other faculty at Ontario’s 24 colleges will hold a strike vote on September 14. Today is the last scheduled day of talks before the start of the school year, and JP Hornick, chair of the Colleges Academic Bargaining Team for OPSEU says the one thing OPSEU and college management can agree on is that they have two different visions of how the college system should work. See the full coverage from CityNews.

Ontario college teachers to vote on strike action Sept. 14

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a strike vote for faculty at Ontario public colleges. Concerns include the fact that 80 per cent of teaching hours are done by contract workers who have to reapply for their jobs every four months, the definition of a counsellor needs to be updated to reflect the support of student mental health, and more academic freedom needs to be given to faculty so they are involved in decision making. See the full story on YorkRegion.com

Ontario college faculty union holding strike vote Sept. 14

The union representing academic staff at Ontario’s public colleges says it will be holding a strike vote on Sept. 14. JP Hornick, chair of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) bargaining team, told AM980 the 13,000 professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians the union represents have a different view of how Ontario’s 24 colleges should be run. “The faculty’s position is that you can’t have a stable secure system in which 80 per cent of the teaching is done by precarious workers who have to reapply for their jobs every four months,” she said. Read the full story from AM980.

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