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College Employer Council rejects union offer to work together: OPSEU


Ontario College Faculty have been notified that the College Employer Council will not work together with them regarding proposed changes to the college system. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has drafted a plan to "differentiate" Ontario"s 24 colleges with massive changes including eliminating some programs and moving or creating others.

On behalf of College Faculty, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas contacted Don Sinclair at the College Employer Council and the Minister of Ontario Colleges and Universities, Brad Duguid, formally requesting the establishment of Joint Task Forces to work on the updated strategic mandates for the colleges.  "The task forces are in keeping with their collective agreement, which requires that faculty be included in the process from the start," said Thomas, "It is clear that the colleges" mandates are changing at the Government"s direction and that the colleges and faculty need to work together for the benefit of Ontario college students."

"These changes will have a profound impact on our students, faculty, staff and administrators alike. Joint Task Forces will ensure the academic and administrative arms of Ontario colleges work together on the path set out by the current government. But more importantly, working together we can ensure that we are delivering a quality education to our students," said OPSEU College Faculty Division Chair, Benoit Dupuis.

College Faculty have been told that renegotiated mandates will be complete by the end of March, 2014.  "The time to work together is now.  College Faculty are the experts when it comes to students" education," said Dupuis. "We expect Ontario colleges to put quality education first and ensure faculty are included with regards to these planned sweeping changes."

OPSEU represents more than 8000 faculty members at Ontario"s 24 colleges.

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