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Collective Bargaining Bulletin Issue #6 – April 27, 2009


OPSEU Convention backs LBED

When the Liquor Board Employees Division asked for the support of the OPSEU Convention this weekend, the response was a standing ovation. Delegates from across the province rose to their feet after a speech by LBED bargaining chair Vanda Klumper.

“Liquor Board members are really happy and frequently amazed at how bargaining has worked under OPSEU,” Klumper told more than 1,500 delegates and other attendees.

“We have a democratically-elected bargaining team.

“We have bargaining demands that were democratically debated and voted on by our members.

“We have direct and open communication between our members and the bargaining team, and vice versa.

“We have excellent professional staff who are actively supporting us.

“And we are well aware of the support we’ve received from our Executive Board Members.

“Unfortunately we are bargaining with an employer that does not realize just how much has changed,” Klumper said. “Despite its enormous profits, the LCBO is determined to destroy good permanent jobs with benefits and replace them with temporary, casual, throwaway jobs with low wages, no benefits, no job security, and no way to support a family, purchase a home, or live a decent life.

“Our members are determined to make things better, not just for themselves, not just for their families, but for their communities and the entire province of Ontario.”

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas was emphatic about the union’s support for LBED members as bargaining moves ahead.

“I’ve said many times before that whatever our members in LBED need to make this round a success, you’ll have it,” Thomas said. “The Executive Board supports you, Convention supports you, and all 120,000 members of OPSEU support you.”

Conciliator meets bargaining teams April 28

Tuesday, April 28 will be the first day of bargaining between OPSEU and the LCBO where the parties are assisted by a conciliator. The Ontario Ministry of Labour appointed Jackie McVeigh, an experienced senior conciliator, after OPSEU requested assistance on April 2.

“We applied for conciliation because we believe that an experienced neutral third party can help move bargaining in a positive direction,” said OPSEU Senior Negotiator Rob Field. “We are hopeful that the assistance of Ms. McVeigh will make a difference as we go forward.”

Convention endorses LBED community campaign

OPSEU members from every part of Ontario are joining hands with their friends, neighbours, and family members to support the Liquor Board Employees Division at the bargaining table.

Members went home from OPSEU Convention on Saturday with tens of thousands of “Booze Bucks” to hand out when they get home. The idea is that LCBO customers will hand in the (very beautiful) Booze Bucks to LCBO staff when making a purchase.

The message on the bucks is simple: “I support Liquor Board employees in their fight for good jobs in our community.”

Work in retail? Here’s what to do if a customer hands you a Booze Buck

If a customer hands you a Booze Buck to show their support, be creative. Collect them in a jar beside the cash register. Pin them up on your OPSEU bulletin board. Collect them and hand them to your manager at the end of your shift.

As more and more Booze Bucks begin to come in, make sure your employer knows how much the community supports our members, the great work we do, and our campaign to protect our local economies and fight for good local jobs.

Delegates stampede to get LBED campaign buttons

The campaign button for this round of LBED bargaining was a smash hit at the OPSEU Convention April 23-25. Delegates from every sector of OPSEU put them on, grabbed handfuls to take back to their locals, and asked to have bags full shipped to them.

Anne Makela, LBED mobilizer for OPSEU Region 7, pinned 150 of the buttons to the back of her clothes and went on a tour of hospitality suites on Friday night.

“I was successful in being de-pinned in a total of about 15 minutes,” Makela said.

Buttons are available through your OPSEU mobilizers and are also being shipped to OPSEU regional offices

Meet your mobilizers!

OPSEU mobilizers are your co-workers at the LCBO. They’re the direct link between you and your bargaining team. The following people are assigned as mobilizers in the OPSEU locals indicated.

Guy Jeremschuck: Local 162

Dave Holmes: Local 163

Mike Robertson: Local 164

Mike Sullivan: Local 165

Bonnie Jolley: Local 284

Paula Sossi: Local 285

Deb Altoft: Local 286

Shawn Swayze: Local 287

Matt Savelli: Local 287

Frank Gullace: Local 288

Maria Bauer: Locals 375, 376

Doug Parks: Locals 377, 378

Eileen Allen: Local 379

Terri Taylor: Locals 497, 498

Devon Ford: Locals 499, 4100

Kevin Ramsay: Locals 5107, 5110

Roberto Ianni: Locals 5108, 5111

Craig Hadley: Locals 5109, 5110, 5111

Mellisa Jackson: All Locals in OPSEU Region 6

Anne Makela: All Locals in Region 7

Your bargaining team

The OPSEU bargaining team for the Liquor Board Employees Division consists of seven members:

Vanda Klumper, Chair, OPSEU Local 165 vklumper@rogers.com

Denise Davis, Vice-Chair, Local 378 djdcones@yahoo.ca

Dora Robinson, Local 376 dora.robinson@gmail.com

Tracy Vyfschaft, Local 377 tcshaft@xplornet.com

Lori Davis, Local 499 loridavis@xplornet.com

Colleen MacLeod, Local 5107 colleenmacleod@opseu5107.org

Laurie Miller, Local 682 lauriem3@sympatico.ca

The bargaining team is assisted by OPSEU Senior Negotiator Rob Field, Senior Researcher Joyce Hansen, and other assigned staff.

EAP Hotline: 1-800-263-1401

The LCBO Employee Assistance Program is a confidential, hassle-free counseling service for eligible LCBO employees and their immediate families. For assistance, call 1-800-263-1401.

Your 2009 Bargaining Bulletin is authorized for distribution by:

Vanda Klumper, Chair,
Liquor Board Employees Division

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, OPSEU
Ontario Public Service Employees Union

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