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CLC launches campaign on care work and care workers

At some point in their life, everyone puts themselves or loved ones in the hands of caregivers. In return, it’s important they get the support and recognition they deserve.

That’s why the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has launched a campaign on care work and the hardworking people who provide it. Unfortunately, their work, both paid and unpaid, is too often undervalued. And yet our economy and our collective future absolutely depend on them.

The campaign encourages workers and the public to think about the ways we can better support and improve Canada’s care system. Certainly, the pandemic has exposed its shocking and tragic failings. The federal government must reinvest in our care systems: child care, early childhood education, disability, long-term care and elder care.

The CLC and OPSEU/SEFPO urge everyone to write their MP to demand substantial new investment using this online tool. You can sign up to receive campaign updates and contact National Representative Nadia Ibrahim if you have questions.

Everyone has a right to receive quality care. Every worker providing quality care deserves decent working conditions. We can no longer afford anything less. Speak up now for care and care workers!

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