Fighting Privatization

Citizens Coalition Against Privatization illuminates the streets of Toronto

OPSEU and OFL members hold a "Hydro One Not for Sale" banner during a rally.

TORONTO – Members of the Citizens Coalition Against Privatization staged three straight days of rallies across Toronto to voice their opposition to the sale of Hydro One.

They handed out hundreds of leaflets and sang carols calling on the Premier to stop the sale: “I'm dreaming of public Hydro, just like the one I used to know… Where governments listen, and I'm not missing… A meal to pay for my Hydro.”

The members spent day one rallying at Queen’s Park.  “We took the fight right to the Premier’s door step. When 80 per cent of the public is against the sale of Hydro One, it means the Premier is on the wrong side of the issue,” said Rosario Marchese, CCAP Chairman. 

The next day the members met outside the Toronto Stock Exchange on King St. West, “A surprising number of people thought that after the government sold the first block of shares, the sale was a done deal. We reassured them it wasn't and encouraged people to contact their MPP because it’s not too late,” said Tina Faibish, a Toronto-chapter member of the CCAP.

On the third day, members gathered in Beaches area of Toronto, “The majority of people we met were supportive of our campaign and thanked us for what we’re doing to stop the sale of Hydro One,” Faibish said.

Circling each rally was an LED truck illuminating with messages reminding citizens to contact their MPPs and oppose the sale of Hydro One.

All OPSEU members are encouraged to help fight privatization by contacting their local MPP opposing the sale, as well as joining a local region chapters. For more information visit


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