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Children’s Aid workers slam Ottawa supervisors for doing struck work in Peel Region

Ottawa – OPSEU members at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa are condemning some of their own supervisors for doing the work of striking CUPE members in Peel Region, west of Toronto.

“The members of OPSEU Local 454 at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa are ashamed that our supervisors are working to prolong the strike at Peel CAS,” says Chrisy Tremblay, an OPSEU Executive Board Member and member of Local 454. “This is a breach of our trust, and a betrayal of hardworking people who just want a fair deal.”

Members of CUPE Local 4914 went on strike at Peel Children’s Aid Society on September 18 over workload and health and safety issues. On December 6, CUPE members rejected a “final offer” from their employer, with 93 per saying no to a proposal that included no substantive moves in the workers’ direction.

The OPSEU local staged a protest today at the CAS of Ottawa’s offices on Telesat Court.

“I can’t believe the province is allowing public dollars to be spent on hotels and travel expenses for supervisors from Ottawa to work in Peel,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “All of that money could go into providing better services for children and families.

“We’re calling on management at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa to recall its supervisors immediately and use its influence to get Peel CAS to bargain seriously and end this strike.”

For more information:
Chrisy Tremblay, 613-882-7155
Rita Perry, president, OPSEU Local 454, 613-851-4209
Warren (Smokey) Thomas, 613-329-1931