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Central Bargaining News: Bulletin: Developmental Services units are mobilizing to take a stand and fight for decent jobs


Close to 50 units are currently in bargaining and positioning themselves to file for conciliation. Job security language that deals with potential agency mergers is key to this action.  Many units will be taking strike votes, and the sector will ramp up strike mobilizing plans over the summer. The government has the option to get the parties back to the table if it wants to avoid labour disruptions.

Developmental Services Workers: We care.

We care for vulnerable people in our communities. We are dedicated workers who are defending decent jobs in our communities. We are committed to providing quality care to the people who depend on us: We are prepared to do what it takes to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met.

We are defending decent jobs in our communities …because we care

For years we have been saying that to strengthen developmental services the government must solve key systemic problems such as high staff turn-over rates, provincial wage gaps and the growing number of part-time jobs. Our employers agree.

We oppose waitlists and cuts …because we care

Without an immediate investment in funding, people with developmental disabilities will risk having to wait until they are in crisis before they can have access to services.

We’re fighting back against mergers and amalgamations…because we care

Mergers and amalgamations mean communities have reduced access to services. They will lead to cuts to local services and fewer jobs in our communities.

We are demanding increased funding …because we care

We are standing up for funding for developmental services. The people we support deserve proper access to the services they depend on. The recent World Report on Disability produced by the World Health Organization and the World Bank recommends “adequate and sustainable funding of publicly provided services.”

We are a voice for the people we support …because we care

Developmental services support the vulnerable in our communities: These are often people whose voices are not heard. We stand with these people and support their struggle for adequate access to services and their rightful place within our communities.

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