Fighting Privatization

CCAP Mobilizer training day


The Citizen’s Coalition Against Privatization (CCAP) hosted several enthusiastic mobilizers from across the province this week who join millions of Ontarians that are opposed to Kathleen Wynne’s scheme to privatize Hydro One.

The CCAP has already successfully brought much needed media attention and support from across this province in the ongoing fight against the outrageous sale of Hydro One.

Along with mobilizers, NUPGE and OPSEU staffers were on hand as well as CCAP Chairman and former NDP MPP Rosario Marchese. Participants shared their best practices, successes, challenges and strategies, in order to strengthen their community leadership, political lobbying as well as media relations skills. 

“We need to put the brakes on this privatization. The clock is ticking on this deal. Don’t wait until it’s too late, because once it’s gone, it may be gone forever. We still have time to stop the scheme and we need your help to keep fighting,” said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President who was also on hand for the meeting.

Local chapters are being organized across the province with the aim of having town council and general public meetings. The CCAP  encourages everyone to join in and help show Premier Wynne that the fight against this sell off isn’t over.

If you would like to help please contact the local mobilizer in your area:

Region 1 – Angela Thompson – Phone: (519) 871-4438/ Email:

Region 2 – Adrian Balojin – Phone: (289) 921-0181/ Email:

Region 3 – (we are still looking for volunteers)

Region 4 – Rhonda Ferguson – Phone: (613) 802-1877/ Email: or Dave Lundy – Phone: (613) 213-1953/ Email:

Region 5 –  Toronto: Tina Faibish – Phone: (416) 420-5550/ Email:
Scarborough: Kingsley Kwok – Phone: (416)835-3377/ Email: 
Brampton: Kulvir Saini – Phone: (905) 460-7647/ Email:

Region 6 – Kathy Whipple – Phone: (705) 698-4113/ Email:

Region 7 – Sandra Snider – Phone: (807) 630-4751/ Email:

Join one of our local region chapters and attend a public meeting. We need to hear your voice. Be active! Flood your local MPP with calls, letters and emails. Take up a petition and send it to your MPP directly. Let’s act now to stop privatization. Hydro One is your business. Stand up. Be heard. Say NO to the sell-off and keep Hydro public!


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