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CASe Notes Issue 3 February 2014


The Minister of Children and Youth Services, Teresa Piruzza, needs to know what workplace conditions are like in child protection. The Provincial Child Advocate, Irwin Elman, has called for an inquiry into the child protection system in Ontario. As frontline workers we witness the effects of these changes on the lives of our clients every day. But the voices of our clients are not being heard. We CAN do something about this. We CAN make positive changes.

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Please share your stories and take a stand for child welfare (suggested length 500 words).

Tell us your story:

Where do I write my story?

  • Ask your local president or highest ranking for the CAS template. It is editable. You can type or handwrite.

Is my anonymity guaranteed?

  • No identifying information is being collected (names of clients, workers or agencies).

  • You can send your story directly to OPSEU,
    Attn: Luisa Quarta, OPSEU campaigns Officer,
    by mail: OPSEU, 100 Lesmill Road,
    Toronto, ON M3B 3P8.

  • You can email it to your local president/ highest ranking who will pass it on.

How will my story be used?

  • Stories from across the province will be compiled and will be delivered to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, Teresa Piruzza. They may also be used in CAS central campaign materials.

Wear Black to Work

Please wear black to your workplace on the FIRST Wednesday of each month. Let’s all stand together for child protection services that we can be proud of. We know that investing in prevention reduces the need for protection.

Authorized for distribution by: Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union and Jane Kaija, CAS Sector Chair