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CarePartners Local 294 sit-in gets action from Health Minister Eric Hoskins

On Friday afternoon OPSEU Executive Board Members Edie Strachan, Sara Labelle, Drew Finucane and Gareth Jones, three members of CarePartners Local 294 and two PYC representatives staged a sit-in in Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins' office in downtown Toronto. They were soon joined outside of Hoskins’ office building by EBMs Ibrahim Bozai, Chrisy Tremblay, and Glen Archer, more Local 294 members and delegates from the International Youth Day conference happening nearby.

The protestors inside Hoskins’ office said they would stay as long as necessary to extract a commitment from Hoskins to meet with OPSEU representatives. Eventually the minister’s office relented and a meeting was agreed to with the minister and OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and two other OPSEU representatives. Hoskins is on vacation next week, so the meeting will occur when he returns to work the week of August 24.


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