Canadian Blood Services support workers reach tentative agreement


Support workers at Canadian Blood Services have reached a tentative agreement after three days of heavy bargaining.

"I commend all of our Canadian Blood Services support workers," said OPSEU President, Warren (Smokey) Thomas. "You have been through a long and difficult round of bargaining, but your strength and unwavering resolve have brought results."

"We are pleased to recommend this deal to our members," said OPSEU Negotiator Anastasios Zafiriadis. "It contains improvements for both full-time and part-time workers. 

A ratification vote will be held in the new year. Details of the deal will be made available in January.

Negotiations have been ongoing for more than a year, and the two teams met more than 15 times during the process.

"On behalf of the bargaining team, I would like to thank all our members for their support in the workplace," said Zafiriadis. "Membership solidarity gave us the strength to reach a deal that shows proper respect for the important services these workers provide."

More information:

Anastasios Zafiriadis, OPSEU Negotiator: 1-800-268-7376 ext 8325