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Call for Solidarity Tour to Costa Rica and Panama

The OPSEU Social Justice Fund plans to participate in the Horizons of Friendship Solidarity Tour to Costa Rica and Panama,  February 4-17, 2019. 

The Social Justice Fund Board invites OPSEU members to submit a Statement of Interest to be considered for the tour.  Participants will visit social justice projects in the field, directly interact with local partners, and fully experience the host country’s cultural heritage. The on-site partners include Broran (Costa Rica) and Ngobe-Bugle (Panama) Indigenous organizations.

The OPSEU participant will be selected by the Social Justice Fund Board among the applicants, giving a preference to those who are Indigenous or have knowledge and/or direct experience with the people of Panama or Costa Rica. The applicant is willing to:

  • Commit to social justice at both local and international levels;
  • Respect the difference between charity and solidarity in international work. Solidarity recognizes power relationships in a cultural exchange and requires participants to approach others in a different cultural context as equals;
  • Fundraise as much as possible toward the cost of the tour (up to $5,000);
  • Build international solidarity within our union membership after returning from the tour.

The statement of Interest should include

  1. your current knowledge of and experience working with Indigenous communities of Costa Rica and Panama;
  2. what you will do to prepare for the trip; and
  3. a plan of action to educate others and build links of solidarity after returning from the trip.

Please send a completed statement of interest to the Equity Unit (e-mail to equity@opseu.org or fax to 416-448-7419) no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 4, 2018.

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