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Call for members of Equity Mobilizing Team

The OPSEU We Own It campaign is inviting OPSEU members from equity-seeking groups to apply for a position on the Equity Mobilizing Team. The successful applicants will be on full-time book-off from February 1 to Convention 2017.  Members will be reimbursed for work time, travel and other expenses.  All interested members must send a Statement of Interest to equity@opseu.org by Monday, January 16 @ 8:00 am to be considered for the position.


To have up to three (3) OPSEU members engage with racialized and other equity-seeking community groups as part of the We Own It Campaign`s mobilizing efforts passed by convention in 2016.


OPSEU is engaged in a campaign to fight privatization in the province by shifting public opinion and mobilizing labour and community groups to build political opposition to privatization of public assets and services.  The Equity Mobilizing Team is part of OPSEU`s strategic engagement with racialized and other equity seeking communities to build partnerships based on common ground to establish and/or maintain public services.

Application Process

This is a call out to the general membership for applicants from racialized and other equity seeking groups, with priority given to those from racialized communities with a strong community-base in Ontario.  Especially needed are those with skills in languages including Tamil, Tagalog, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu or Punjabi and/or those with established ties within racialized communities.

Selection Process

A screening committee will identify the strengths of each applicant and identify the communities in which they would be expected and able to mobilize against privatization.  Please include in your Statement of Interest your self-identification and lived experience as a racialized person and your experience working with community groups. The list of applicants that identifies the strengths of each will be presented to the President`s Office, who will make the final decision.