CAAT Support Full-Time Bill 124 Re-opener update


On July 5th, our Bargaining Team met with the College Employer Council (CEC) to present our position on the Bill 124 re-opener as per the Memorandum of Settlement dated August 31, 2022.

On July 11th, Mediator Kaplan met with both sides to gain an understanding of their positions, identify differences, and aid in achieving an agreement.

Our goal has been to address the cost of living crisis and the priorities set by the delegates to the Final Demand Set meeting in 2022. However, the employers’ proposal did not come close to addressing our concerns.

At the conclusion of the day, Kaplan noted in an email to both parties: “In my view, the timing is not now ripe for settlement. Accordingly, I am adjourning the mediation to an agreed-upon date in September.”

Kaplan also clarified that, “this mediation was confidential and that the contents of the mediation remain confidential,” noting that, “the parties should not provide specifics, however, about the positions that were exchanged.”

We are awaiting confirmation from Kaplan for a date in September to continue mediation.

Our Team will only be successful if WE ALL demonstrate action at our colleges. Continue to wear blue on Tuesdays and insist that your college president provides a new mandate to the CEC, that addresses the needs of employees, prior to the continuation of mediation in September.

Please use the sample letter below to send a letter to your college president.

In solidarity,

College Support Full-Time Bargaining Team:

Christine Kelsey, Chair

Shelley Gartshore, Vice-Chair

Bob Holder

Dan Brisson

Mike McKeown

Marcia Steeves

Veronica Attard


Sample letter to your college president:

Subject line: Stand with your staff: Demand CEC respect employees and provide fair wages!

Dear [Insert College President Name],

As you know, on July 11, 2023, mediation took place to address the Bill 124 re-opener in the CAAT-S Full-Time collective agreement, without resolution.

It is my understanding that the mandate provided to CEC did not come close to addressing inflationary costs and other issues that I and my colleagues are experiencing right now. The cost of everyday essentials has gone up tremendously, and we are struggling to keep up.

Continued offers of minimal wage increases will never bridge this gap. It is discouraging to feel that my employer does not respect and value me enough to recognize my contributions to this organization at a level that allows my family and I to sustain ourselves in today’s cost of living crisis.

As a member of the Colleges Ontario Committee of Presidents, you have a voice in the decision-making process and specifically on the bargaining mandate to the CEC in these discussions.

I need to know that you stand with your employees at this institution and that you are willing to use your influence to mandate the CEC to offer compensation that truly reflects inflationary pressures we are all experiencing.

We deserve recognition for our ongoing contributions to the overall success of our college.

Please show you care.


(Members name)