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OPSEU Local 109 takes on Fanshawe College for its violation of basic labour rights

On October 5, OPSEU Local 109 is submitting an application to the Ontario Labour Board for direct violations of the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act by their employer, Fanshawe College. OPSEU is arguing that the employer is interfering in the administration of Local 109 and that Local’s right to represent its members.

The list of alleged violations by the employer includes removing basic rights such as accessing the college e-mail system, representing members at arbitrations during work hours and exercising the right to use union release time. The Union has alleged that Fanshawe management has been communicating directly with members of the Local and organizing meetings with no representative of the union present. As well, the allegations of continual harassment of the Local Executive members of OPSEU Local 109 are well documented in the union’s submission and provide an incredible indictment of this employer’s tactics.

What kind of employer is this who shows no respect for our labour relations framework in Ontario?

In OPSEU’s submission, the assertion is that the employer has discriminated against two LEC members as a result of their union involvement and that the employer is seeking to intimidate them as a result of their decision to represent the membership as elected officials of the Executive.

OPSEU stands beside Local 109 in its fight to reclaim basic labour rights which all working people should enjoy in this province. Fanshawe College is hereby declared Bad Boss of the week

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