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CAAT-S Division reaches out to struggling students


The OPSEU CAAT Support Division (CAAT-S) has long recognized that college students carry an unfair burden of the costs of education in Ontario. That’s why, in 2015, CAAT-S locals raised $4,000 to create four student scholarships.


Mike McKeown (right) congratulates winner Jody Clue for his testimonial Precarious Work

Last year, the division put out notices through its locals and the OPSEU web site to solicit submissions for the $1,000 scholarships. Students were asked to write about “precarious work,” whether through an essay, a poem, a song or a video.


Marilou Martin (left) with winner Erin Hogan, who wrote a poem entitled Precarious Work

In recent years, part-time, temporary and casual forms of work have become increasingly common. It is known as “precarious work.” Precarious workers tend to be at the lower end of the wage and skill spectrum. They struggle to make a decent living, with few or no benefits, little job security and minimal control over their working conditions. A large number of college students already support themselves through precarious work – or will in the future.

The division received a large number of high-quality submissions. Some were whimsical, but all expressed a deep concern for the future of workers in the province – an uncertain future that affects them very personally.


Mike McKeown (right) congratulates winner Justin French for his essay What is Precarious Work?

The winners are:

  • Jody Clue for his testimonial Precarious Work
  • Justin French for his essay What is Precarious Work? Risks and Remedies Associated with Precarious Work
  • Erin Hogan for her poem, also titled Precarious Work
  • Megan Winand for her essay The New Generation of Jobs

You will find links to all four submissions below.


Chad Ravary (left) congratulates winner Megan Winand for her essay The New Generation of Jobs

CAAT-S warmly congratulates the winners and thanks all those who took the time to create a submission. CAAT-S would also like to thank the members who made a contribution, as well as the locals and OPSEU for helping to make the scholarships available to students.

Precarious Work by Jody Clue

Precarious Work by Erin Hogan

What is Precarious Work? by Justin French

The New Generation of Jobs by Megan Winand