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CAAT S Bargaining 2011 Solidarity Letter…..YOUR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT!!


CAAT Support 2011 Bargaining Solidarity Letter

Dear Brother Thomas,

We are writing to personally applaud OPSEU for taking to the streets in defense of your 8,000 CAAT Support members across Ontario. In the current political and economic climate far too often working people are forced to take strike action to maintain their current standard of living and to fight off concessions and two tier demands. We know that your fight at the Colleges is in so many ways our fight as well.

Over the years and through many struggles, OPSEU has been a great friend and ally to our Unions. We want you to know that just as you have stood with us we are now standing shoulder to shoulder with you and your members. We have and we will continue to visit your strike lines and attend support rallies so that both your members and the government understand that OPSEU is not alone. We will be there with you, when you need us, until OPSEU achieves a fair collective agreement for your members.

We know that the decision to strike is never an easy one and that it creates economic hardship for your members and their families. We want them to know that they can also count on financial support from our Unions. While we hope that a fair collective agreement is reached soon we want OPSEU to know that when you need us we will be there.

We would be grateful if you would pass on our message of solidarity to your bargaining team and your members. Let them know that we stand firmly and solidly with OPSEU in this important struggle!

Yours in solidarity,

Linda Haslam-Stroud (ONA)
Sharleen Stewart (SIEU)
Wayne Fraser (USW)
Rod Sheppard (SEP)
Sam Hammond (ETFO)
Barb Dolan / Dave Moffatt / Kim Ginter (CEP)


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