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Breathe a sigh of relief for respiratory therapists!


On behalf of the OPSEU Executive Board, we would like to pay tribute to the hundreds of respiratory therapists across Ontario on the occasion of Respiratory Therapists Week.

The professional skills of respiratory therapists, commonly known as RTs, quite literally represent the thin line between life and death.

Their work is invaluable, but all too often the general public never witnesses, first hand, their contribution to our health care system. An RT’s work is “behind the scenes,” like when they’re treating a semi-conscious patient gasping for air. 

RTs are on the job when a child comes into the world. They’re there when a patient suffers a heart attack or a stroke, or has an organ transplant. They’re there helping an elderly patient keep that home oxygen tank in top working order.

Asthma patients and those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are especially dependent on the skills of respiratory therapists. It’s not uncommon for an RT to provide care for the same patient for years on end, increasing their comfort and quality of life.

OPSEU represents more than 25,000 health professionals, including respiratory therapists. Respiratory Therapists Week is a timely reminder that it takes a village of health care professionals to keep Ontarians healthy and safe. We thank respiratory therapists for their selfless contributions to the well-being of all under their care.

In Solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President
Sara Labelle, Chair, Health Professionals Division