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BPS divisional executive members, 2017-2019

Some 800 delegates to the OPSEU Broader Public Service conference on June 23-25 held elections for their divisional executives. The following members were elected for a two-year term:

Sector 1: Ambulance

James Ramage (L256), Chair

Jason Brearley (L303), Vice Chair

TBD, Director 2 – Hamilton, Brant, Norfolk

Timothy Szumlanski (L277), Director 3 – Peel, Guelph/ Wellington, Halton

Cory Schepers (L303), Director 4 – Simcoe, West Parry Sound and Grey Bruce

Terry Baker (L462), Director 5 – Frontenac, Lennox/Addington, Northumberland and Kawartha

Darryl Taylor (L679), Director 6 – Manitoulin Sudbury EMS, Temagami

Jo-Anne Taylor (L147), Director 7 – Dispatch

Joel Usher (L381), Health and Safety Rep

Sector 2: Developmental Services

Erin Smith-Rice (L740), Chair

Stephen Woods (L448), Vice Chair 2a

Silvana Cacciatore (L738), Vice Chair 2b

Wendy Nield (L433), Vice Chair 2c

Wayne Easterbrook (L148), Trustee

Julie Geiss (L249), Trustee

Scott Collins (L667), Secretary/Treasurer

Kelly Holmes (L386), Communications Rep

Courtney  Huycke (L316), Health and Safety Rep

Karen McKinnon (L358), Bargaining Rep at Large

Sector 3: Boards of Education

Paula Tavares (L292), Chair

Kelly Martin (L330), Vice Chair

Jason Barker (L330), Secretary

Sandra Cadeau (L330), Treasurer

Susan Richarz (L514), Member at Large

Sector 4: Children’s Aid Society

Jane Kaija (L668), Chair

Chrisy Tremblay (L434), Vice Chair

Jody Carr-Allen (L334), Secretary/Treasurer

Andrew Harrigan (L304), Member at Large

Brenda Malott (L116), Bargaining Representative – Region 1

Dorian Whalen (L258), Bargaining Representative – Region 2

Jody Carr-Allen (L334), Bargaining Representative – Region 3

Christine Steer (L458), Bargaining Representative – Region 4

Kimberley Kazur (L665), Bargaining Representative – Region 6

Katherine Cossette (L168), Bargaining Representative – Region 7

Sector 5: Community Agencies

Kareen Marshall (L540), Chair

Annette Donaldson (L588), Vice Chair

Joseph Everett (L738), Secretary/Treasurer

Harpreet Shah (L512), Member at Large

Laura Roy (L588), Trustee

Sarah Di Tomaso (L588), Trustee

Sector 7: BPS Corrections

Leonard Mancini (L216), Chair

Chris Kosturek (L216), Vice Chair

Leigh Ann Forsey (L213), Secretary

Alyssa Trautman-Louka (L213), Treasurer

John Formica (L216), Sector Steward

Sector 8: Long Term Care

Joan Corradetti (L261), Chair

Shannon Nolan (L214), Vice Chair

William Stanton (L166), Secretary

Terri-Lyn Long ((L305), Treasurer

Corrina Cadeau (L328), Communications Coordinator

Sector 9: Universities

Kella Loschiavo (L596), Chair

Rob Boulet (L608), Vice Chair

Patricia Tavares (L519), Secretary

Kyle Charron (L608), Treasurer

James McKay (L596), Trustee

Nova Donaldson (L677), Trustee

Jennifer Marian Harrington (L404), Community Organizer

Anthony Fabiano (L685), Communications Rep

Sector 10: Hospital Professionals

Sara Jane Labelle (L348), Chair

Sandra Jane Blancher (L106), Vice Chair

Betty Palmieri (L206), Secretary

Peter W. Masters (L106), Trustee

Kelly Bartlett (L236), Trustee

Brenda Allan (L215), Treasurer

Vanessa Lawlor (L464), Education and Communications

Lisa Thorburn (L450), Health and Safety Coordinator

Adrian-Alexandru Balojin (L206), Job Security

Melissa Coenraad (L475), Public Policy

Teresa Chafe (L464), WSIB

Herve Cavanagh (L466), Benefits

Sector 11: Hospital Support

Georgia McIllwraith (L260), Chair

Jonathan Hopkins (L275), Vice Chair

Lauren MacLaren (L383), Secretary

Lisa Hovinga (L473), Treasurer

Harjinder Sangha (L374), Steward

Roseanne Faubert (L132), Education and Communications
Newsletter / Communications

Christine Marshall (L320), Health and Safety Coordinator

Sector 13: Municipalities

Tara Langford (L435), Chair

Theresa O'Connor (L266), Vice Chair

Dwayne Ebbers (L496), Secretary

Pamela Schmidt (L496), Treasurer

Kerri Wells (L266), Communications Representative

Sector 15: Children’s Treatment Centres

Deborah Gordon (L145), Chair

Rachelle Lacoste (L666), Vice Chair

Tannis McGinn (L460), Secretary

Michael Quinn (L441), Treasurer

Theresa McMillan (L707), Member at Large

Sector 16: Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

Mark Raymond Hotte (L409), Chair

David Lynch (L409), Vice Chair

Thomas Chisholm (L447), Treasurer

Paul Leslie (L312), Sector Executive

Everett Kelly (L403), Sector Executive

David Fong (L648), Member at Large

Ian Magcale (L105), Member at Large

Medina Dahir (L589), Pay Equity Committee

Robert Fong (L589), Pay Equity Committee

Rosemary Naraine (L105), Pay Equity Committee

William Semenuk (L668), Pay Equity Committee

Nicole Pyykonen (L606), Pay Equity Committee

Sector 17: Community Health Care Professionals

Lucy Morton (L269), Chair

Erin Warman (L294), Vice Chair

Kate Anderson (L4101), Secretary

Elaine Giles (L4101), Treasurer

Marcus Andrew (L548), Trustee

Beverly Halden (L294), Trustee

Marta Kedziorek (L4101), Member Representative

Karen Gventer (L276), Newsletter / Communications

Morgen Veres (L487), Bargaining Representative

Shari Greenhorn (L4101), Education Representative

Sector 18: Mental Health

Edward Arvelin (L720), Chair

Alan Donaldson (L329), Vice Chair

Shirley Shepherd (L720), Secretary

Cynthia Caroline Ladouceur (L439), Treasurer

Ronald Lepage (L329), Trustee

Michelle Peart (L500), Trustee

Tischa Forster (L133), Public Policy and Campaigns Coordinator

Maggie Wakeford (L631), Membership Coordinator

Carol Mundley (L500), Health and Safety Coordinator

Sector 19: CBS and Diagnostics

Sean Allen (L477), Chair

Jennifer Johnson (L5103), Vice Chair

Audrey Smith (L5103), Secretary

Sarah Dupuis (L619), Treasurer

Jennifer Pinkos (L477), Trustee

Deirdre Dunn (L716), Trustee

Geoffrey Cain (L160), Member at Large (CBS)

Shah Nawaz (L545), Member at Large (PHO)

Sector 26: Liquor Board Employees

Denise Davis (L378), Chair

Jennifer Van Zetten (L162), Vice Chair

Colleen MacLeod (L5107), Secretary/Treasurer

Jamie Kensley (L681), Chair, Anti-Privatization Committee

Shelly Robitaille (L162), Chair, Benefits and Pensions Committee

Craig Hadley (L5109), Chair, Educations and Communications Committee

Deborah McGuinness (L5110), Chair, Health and Safety Committee