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Bloodletters: CBS Support Bargaining 2104 Update: Negotiations continue…


Negotiations continue…

The team met with the Employer May 13 and 14. After two sessions we discussed and indicated that the team faces some difficult decisions.

In addition to the normal issues involved in bargaining i.e. language revision, achieving member and local demands, the Employer has made it clear that CBS is looking to change the way it does its business. They are looking to tighten their belts through efficiencies: monetarily and of the workforce.

This round of bargaining has been a trying one for the team and it is proving to be very difficult.

In order to quell rumors that are going around the workplace, the Team wants the membership to know what has been happening at the Bargaining Table.


  • This round of bargaining the employer has tabled the removal of Article 12.03 – Days Off. This article was changed during the last round of bargaining. The Employer wants to get rid of the premiums that employees receive on weekends and, more importantly, the ability to schedule Full Time Employees seven days a week with two consecutive days off during that week.


While this has implications across the bargaining unit, the Employer has indicated that the cost issue is more specific to the Labs and as mentioned previously the Employer has indicated that if the Union does not agree to this there will be hard decisions that will need to be made.


  • The Employer indicated that for the last four years collection targets have been decreasing and as a result the number of clinics, clinic hours and number of beds have been reduced.

The Employer has indicated there will be layoffs in both Donor and Clinic Services and in Manufacturing, Production and Distribution sites. The Team has concerns that this could have a domino effect on all other support departments in CBS.

The Bargaining team believes that the “Road Ahead” for the Employer will be one with a Part Time workforce. The “carrot” the employer is offering to the membership is potential benefits for all Part Time employees… BUT NO GUARANTEES!

Despite the Team’s efforts to find solutions and other alternatives to avoid these hard decisions the employer has indicated that these efficiencies are unavoidable.

Other Issues:

  • The Employer has also tabled the removal of Articles 25.02 and 25.03 – Transportation. That means that anyone working beyond 10:30 p.m. will not be eligible or reimbursed for taxis.
  • Leave Provisions For Full Time Employees – Letter of Understanding:

The Employer is proposing removing the language that ensures all leaves are only 7.5 hours. Instead, the employer wants all leaves to be reduced by the actual hours scheduled.

  • Article 12.01: The Employer is proposing changes to this article adding unpaid hours to your meal periods.

As previously mentioned, the Team is committed to achieving a fair collective agreement for all. To that end the Team has tabled reasonable responses to all the employers demands and is awaiting their response.

We are looking to schedule more bargaining dates and will provide updates as they become available.

We thank you for continued support.

Your Bargaining Team:

Local 477 – Wendy Lapointe (Chair)
Local 160 – Katherine Zan-Payne
Local 200 – Keith Davies
Local 210 – Leigh Anne Siebert
Local 5103 – Audrey Smith           
Staff Negotiator: Anastasios Zafiriadis