OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers

Black History Month 2015

Legacy: Forever poster for black history month. Illustrations of different black leaders in the community

The OPSEU Workers of Colour Caucus urges all of us to use Black History Month as a time for personal and critical reflection, for organizing and mobilizing against systems of inequality and intolerance. By involving locals with regional, national and global sectors and working across many issues such as pay inequity, poverty, racism, homelessness and police brutality, black history reminds us that racial justice and equality can be a goal for all.

In consideration of the inequality still faced by racialized Canadians in the current social and political environment, the Workers of Colour Caucus invite you to a Black History Month Forum “OPSEU’s Social Mapping and the Racialization of the Canadian Labour Market” on February 20 2015 at the OPSEU Toronto Wellesley Office between 6-9 p.m. with guest speakers Peter Thompson and Dr. Grace Edward Galabuzi. For more information about the Forum, click here 2015 Black History Month Forum.

The OPSEU Workers of Colour Caucus also acknowledges the legacy of racialized Canadians who have been at the forefront of the struggle for democracy, like Shauntay Grant, Sharon Shelton, Tamla Matthews, Selwyn Jacob, and Fitzroy Gordon as profiled in the 2015 Legacy Poster created by artist Robert Small.

These and many more racialized Canadians were leaders of great vision, courage and democratic conviction. Theirs was a movement of everyday people that put the issues and struggles of working people at its center. The OPSEU Workers of Colour pay tribute to the accomplishments of Black activists and pioneers in Black Facts: A Celebration of Black History Month 2015