Be Seen, Be Heard: Provincial Young Workers Committee

PYC logo with stylised headphones and message: "Be seen. Be heard."

Hello, OPSEU Young Workers!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline workers have risen to the challenge of providing essential services to the people of Ontario. Many frontline workers are young workers, who are in the health care and food services sectors.

OPSEU has an expansive membership, where many of our young workers play extremely important, behind-the-scenes public service roles that keep our essential services running.

The Provincial Young Workers Committee recognizes the efforts of all of our frontline essential and critical service workers. Accordingly, we thank them for their courageous, professional and timely service.

The committee is charged with identifying and celebrating young workers who have been doing exceptional work in their fields – work that is not typically recognized but is nonetheless extremely valuable and essential to our lives in Ontario.

The committee launched the “Be Seen, Be Heard” campaign which highlights some of these workers’ efforts and accomplishments in a show of appreciation for their diligent steadfastness.

We welcome all of you to show your appreciation to our young workers who tirelessly provide essential frontline and critical public services to the people of Ontario.

Be seen. Be heard.

In solidarity,
OPSEU Provincial Young Workers Committee

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