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Be Seen, Be Heard: Justin Porter, Region 2


Justin Porter was trained as an environmental technologist. He works with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) in Saugeen Shores, where he has been instrumental in process optimization projects and updating old standard operating procedures, while developing new standard operating procedures. Justin has taken a leadership role within his hub by becoming the health and safety representative for his facility, and he actively participates in OCWA organizations and programs.

Justin worked with Canadian and American agribusiness companies before pursuing his passion for protecting the environment and public health with the OCWA. While in agribusiness, he worked as a receiving plant operator at a dairy processing plant, where he troubleshot equipment and optimized plant processes. He also worked in the American poultry industry, overseeing projects, improving the movement of information between clients, and co-ordinating the exchange of equipment between parties involved in various projects.

Justin spends his free time hiking the trails and paddling the rivers of Bruce County. When not outdoors, he is catching a movie or hosting friends with his wife, Casie.

COVID-19 Impact Statement:

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways. As a frontline worker, I have still been required to arrive onsite and complete my routine duties to ensure our local drinking water and waste water systems continue working.

Communication has been paramount – now more than ever – as we have had to reduce the amount of work we complete in teams. It can be stressful to try to troubleshoot equipment over the phone or complete projects in phases to facilitate a reduced number of workers available, but we have managed to rise to the challenge.

As with any public health crisis, our collective focus is always on the health and safety of the community we serve, as well as ourselves. The dedication of my colleagues and all frontline workers during this time to continue delivering these services safely has made me proud to be a frontline worker in Ontario.