Be Seen, Be Heard: Jeff Pellegrino, Region 6

PYC logo with stylised headphones and message: "Be seen. Be heard."

Jeff has been a front line Correctional Officer for about three years.  Since becoming an OPSEU member, he has been very engaged and active in helping his coworkers and OPSEU members.

He has immediately engaged with union activism, participating in several Educationals at our Regional Office, like Stewards 1, and Health and Safety. He also attended his first Young Workers Conference as a new staff.  He is an active member of the Local 678 Health and Safety Team, always identifying issues within our workplace and bringing them to the joint committee for remedy. With frontline Corrections, the issues are complex and require dedication, diplomacy and determination to see their remedy to fruition. 

Key elements to Jeff’s style is that he is easy to approach, open minded, and genuinely interested in making things better for front line workers. 

Jeff has volunteered to be a COVID screener at the Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre, where he works. He is on the front line, facilitating active COVID testing for all staff, visitors, and professionals, to ensure any persons with symptoms are identified and redirected away from the front line, to self-isolation, and medical care. 

COVID 19 Impact Statement:

Going forward during the pandemic, Jeff continues his activism and engagement with goals of mentoring new staff, both within their professional roles in the OPS, and with respect to their rights within Labour justice.