Bargaining update: we’re getting strike ready!

We’re getting strike ready!
Sign up for picket shifts for Week 1 and the member portal.

With a 97% YES strike vote, we’re getting ready to shut it down! This week we continued to build on our momentum and make history for LCBO workers.

It’s time for all of us to get ready for potential strike action.

To read our strike FAQ, click here.

Are you signed up and strike ready?

To receive strike pay and sign up for strike duties including picket shifts, you need to be signed up on the member portal. Follow the simple steps below to make sure all your information is up-to-date!

  1. Sign up for picket duty! Click here to pick your shifts for week 1!
  2. Fill out your member application if you haven’t already
  3. Register for the member portal or update your information if you’re already registered
  4. Add your direct deposit and dependent information in the portal to ensure you can get strike pay

Bargaining update: Our proposed future for the LCBO

On Monday evening at our members’ meeting, we told you that we had requested a no board report and expected it to be issued on Tuesday. This put us in a legal strike position as of Friday, July 5 at 12:01 am.

On Tuesday, we held a press conference to lay out what we’re fighting for. To read our release, click here.

We made it clear that we see an opportunity for the LCBO to provide the convenience Ontarians want.

We see two possible futures:

1) Ford hands over more of the market to big box grocers and convenience chains like Loblaws and Circle K.

– The cost of buying booze goes up.
– CEOs and billionaires like Galen Weston win big while the rest of us lose.
– Less public revenues to fund our public services.


2) The LCBO grows with Ontario.

– LCBO retail locations and hours are expanded to meet demand and improve convenience.
– We increase LCBO warehousing and logistics and bring e-commerce capacity in-house.
– Public revenues that pay for health care and education grow too.
– There are more good jobs in communities across Ontario.

LCBO workers are fighting for a brighter future for the LCBO and Ontarians. 

We believe Ontarians deserve convenience and quality customer service – and that the LCBO is best positioned to deliver that.

We believe the LCBO and its workers should be at the heart of the expanded marketplace.

At the table

Because of your record turnout and YES vote during our strike vote, the LCBO is finally listening at the bargaining table.

On Monday, in response to your strike vote results, the LCBO requested that we bring in a third-party mediator. We agreed and the mediator joined on Tuesday evening.

Since then, we have seen movement on a few issues but both sides remain far apart on the fundamentals of what is at stake in this round of negotiations: job security, hours of work, growing the LCBO with the marketplace expansion (including expanding store hours, opening new retail locations and warehouses to meet demand, and bringing back work that has been contracted out), keeping profitable products like spirits and spirit-based ready to drink beverages exclusively in LCBO stores, and winning more permanent and full-time jobs.

As LCBO workers, we know that we are fighting for our futures, our livelihoods, and to protect the public revenues our jobs generate that fund public services everyone in Ontario relies upon.

That’s why we’re getting strike ready.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Colleen MacLeod – Chair

Jeremy Trainor – Vice-Chair

Rachel Brunet

Damian Campbell

Craig Hadley