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Bargaining 2013: Casual Workers Take Action

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Putting a face on low wage work at the LCBO

Are you casual employee of the LCBO?

If you are a casual worker you make up more than 60 per cent of the LCBO workforce. You are paid at a lower rate, you work irregular hours and you may be forced to work at many different locations to secure hours of work.

Get the word out

Help us tell Premier Kathleen Wynne that LCBO workers want an Ontario with good permanent jobs, decent pay and benefits, NOT insecure, part-time jobs that don't allow us to live decently. That's what we are fighting for.


  • Drop off a copy of your T-4 to your local president/ regional mobilizer
  • Send us a photo of yourself and your T-4 slip to
  • Tweet your T-4 to #LCBO