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Australia’s We Own It scores big win

Australia We Own It - Congratulations! Wyong Hospital stays in public hands.

One of OPSEU's international partners in the fight against privatization has scored a huge victory, leading a successful fight against a P3 scheme to expand a hospital in Australia.

Thanks to the Australian We Own It campaign's strong community organizing, the local government has decided to keep the expansion public.

The Health Services Union of Australia (HSU) brought the We Own It campaign to Australia. HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes was a Solidarity Guest during OPSEU's 2017 Convention.

"Privatization is a global fight and we have to fight it globally," says OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. "Stopping that P3 hospital isn't just a major victory for Australians, it's a major victory for everybody around the world who understands that public equals better."